Episode Synopsis: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is the 17th episode of the show named ‘Hart of Dixie’. It is from the season 2 and is to be released on 2013-03-05, Tuesday 8:00 PM on The CW. Zoe is trying hard to keep her feeling under check about Wade, making her overlyprotective for Rose and her boyfriend. Wade and Lavon are strained to work together at the casino fundraiser and when the money is been theft the entire blame comes on Wade. In the meantime, Brick and Shelby’s decision about the relationship forces Lemon to disrupt things with aid of George.

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Episode Synopsis: ‘Life's a Beach’ is sixteenth episode from the super exciting teen drama “90210”. It is from fifth season and is to be released on 2013-03-04, Monday 9:00 PM on The CW network. Liam has open up a custom surfboard shop for women but the situation turns complex when he becomes romantically involved with his business partner. Naomi is trying to persuade Mark not to leave Los Angeles where he gets exciting job opportunities in a New York restaurant. Dixon seeks the help of Silver to direct Michaela’s first music album before she gets pregnant. Shenae Grimes, Michael Steger, Trevor Donovan and Jessica Lowndes star in the episode.

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Episode Synopsis: ‘There's Bo Place Like Home’ is the 7th episode from the action-adventure and sci-fi fantasy named Lost Girl’. The interlude is taken from the third season of the series. It is to be scheduled on 2013-03-03, Monday 10:00 PM on Syfy network. Various twists and turns to be revealed in the upcoming instalment. Bo is all worried after undergoing some frightening task of returning to the same place where it all been started, out in the farm. At that place, Bo has to face her old and new demons to clear her way where she is soon be forced to travel.

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Episode Synopsis: A Long Way From Home is the 7th episode of Shameless in season 3. This episode has been released on 2013-03-03. Realizing that Frank is the genuine origin of her obstacles, Fiona settles on a striking choice noticing her destiny with the youngsters. All she needs is a full-time work and a house, so she and Lip set out to manufacture Aunt Ginger's will and to discover a dead form to run with it. Debbie and Carl press on to manage their cultivate homes. Frank gets ready for his court manifestation by getting calm. Timmy and his mother land at Sheila's to take Hymie.

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Episode Synopsis: On March 3, exciting drama show ‘Heartland’ will air another superb episode from on-going season six. As per the latest trailers, the episode highlights all new twists and turns in the tale. ‘After All We've Been Through’ is the name of the fifteenth interlude slated to release on 2013-03-03, Sunday 7:00 PM on CBC. Ty is striving hard to prove Jeremy to be held responsible for the death of Buckingham. Ty’s hunt for evidences is on high-roar.

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Episode Synopsis: ‘Going for the Gold’ is the 15th episode from the dramedy ‘The Good Wife’. It is from fourth season and is slated to release on 2013-03-03, Sunday 9:00 PM on CBS network.
After the refusal made by Justice Department regarding the evidences against Eli, Elsbeth calls Assistant U.S. Attorney Josh Perrotti to the civil court for the case of defamation. She forces him to answer her questions under the oath. In the meantime, Jordan is busy assisting Peter preparing for a debate. Alicia’s relationship with her co-workers develops well.

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